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Open Source Procurement

Your open resource for easing adoption in NGOs,
public and private sectors.


Why Choose Open Source Tools?


Save budgetary resources with access to a wide range of open-source tools and software, reducing reliance on expensive proprietary solutions.

Transparency and Security

Gain peace of mind with transparent procurement processes and enhanced security measures inherent in open-source technologies.

Flexibility and Customization

Tailor solutions to your specific needs, leveraging the flexibility of open-source software to adapt and evolve alongside your organization.

Community Support and Collaboration

Join a vibrant community of developers, contributors, and users, fostering collaboration and innovation for ongoing support and improvement.

The OpenSourceProcurement.org strives to provide authentic, factual reports, studies, and research material to government officials, OS software companies, and individual users so that they can make an informed decision when opting for an OS software.

Our mission is:

  1. To convince public sector to prefer OS software for its efficiency, cost saving, and long-term life cycle. The OS companies should also contest in these procurement processes with better preparation and more confidence.
  2. Challenge the paradox of preferring OS Software at the government level, but not selecting it as part of the OS Software procurement process.
  3. Ensure transparency and public benefit, as any code developed by public money aka taxpayers’ money should be released under free and OS software.
  4. Provide OS software alternative to the proprietary software. We want public agencies to try at least once an OS alternative and see for themselves how remarkably different it is from others.
  5. Bring all the latest news and happening regarding public procurement process, around the world, under a single platform.
  6. Be a meaningful platform for all stakeholders to come and discuss their issues and suggestions.
  7. Arrange events and webinars to bring forth our mission to extended audiences. We also intend to fund projects which align with the mission discussed above.
  8. Engage with other OS communities and public agencies, whether in form of contribution or collaboration, to advocate for OS in public sector.
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